IBM Db2: Download & Go

Role: Designer & Developer

Technology used: JavaScript, NodeJS, Electron, ReactJS, Docker, Photoshop, Illustrator

Target Users: New users of Db2

IBM Db2 Download & Go was one of the projects I worked on during my internship at IBM. The primany idea of the project was to allow users to download Db2 and have it set up and ready to go quickly using Docker containers running Db2. We had a code base given to us from another team but we decided to change much of the design in order to fit our needs.

The main aspect of the app is the data manager site that we inserted using an Iframe. It is a site that was not created by our team so our main focus was on streamlining the installation process. We did multiple version of the app that we tested internally. We gave people access to the app and set up a slack channel in order to get internal responses. This initial data told us a lot about what confused people about installation but it was limited to the dev community, specifically people who already knew DB2. We then allowed a few clients to test the app under an NDA. After these 2 trials, we had our official release. Below, were the initial results. After this, we received more data on this app and made minor changes to the app.