Role: Designer & Developer

Technology used: JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

Target Users: University Students and Tech Companies

Site: uofthacks.com

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UofTHacks 2018

This year, I am VP Communications of UoftHacks. I was responsible for the Public Relations team, the Design Team and the Web Development team. Because the themes of previous years were very dark, I wanted to make this year colourful.

I was part of creating the hacker portal so hackers could apply for UoftHacks. This project was small because there wasn't many screens we needed to work with. While creating this wireframe, I researched many types of login, reset and sign up screens. Due to the fact that I had no primary user data, I looked at hackathon ones specifically and applied to them so I could understand it from a user point of view. I took notes of where I faced challenges and where to improve them.

After getting these approved by my team, I set to creating mockups and an actual prototype using invision. The app should be usable in both desktop and mobile format so I tried to make things as smooth as I could.

The final prototype

I am also in charge of print design and created the following shirt designs

UoftHacks 2017

This year's theme was night light and I thought it would be cool to display the logo as constellations. I was responsible for the concept as well as the landing page site but the rest of the package was made by a team mate. The site can be found here!

UoftHacks 2016

I joined UoftHacks in 2015 as a designer. This was my first real experience with developing a real project from scratch. I was tasked with first creating a logo. The event had a previous logo but I wanted to create something simple, versatile and usable for a long time. I came up with a bunch of different ideas and design that I presented to my team. Some of them were too cute, or too big or not balanced enough. We really wanted to use our mascot Stan the Moose. He represents UofT and Canada, so my designs shows various styles of moose.

We ended up agreeing on the following design. We loved it because it was modern but classic.

I started the process of creating the sponsorship package.