Walden International School

Role: Web Developer

Technology used: JavaScript, ReactJS, HTML/CSS, Photoshop, Illustrator

Target Users: Parents of school ready children

School website: waldeninternationalschool.com

Walden International School is a private school located in Brampton, Ontario. I made them a brand new site that helps parents learn more about the school. When I first started working with Walden, they wished for me to implement/code a site that already had designed. Going through the site as a first time user, I saw a few issues.


Old Walden site

A year later, we revisted the issues I pointed out and we created a brand new site. This time, I made sure that all pages could be accessed from all points on the site. I also made sure to use language new parents were looking for. We looked at various different school websites to make better decisions. Since the release, we have been getting feedback about the site and making changes as necessary.

Since this new site has gone up on April 23rd, the analytics has shown some improvements

Session Duration

Up 63% since last year

New Users
Bounce Rate

Bounce rate dropped about 30% on average